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First Aid Forms

First aid recording app for schools

Our intuitive app meets the good practice guidance on recording first aid and the administration of medication in schools. It produces permanent, ultra-secure records to evidence first aid treatment and care given.

First Aid Forms app
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The First Aid Forms app is super smart but it’s also intuitive, so even tech-resistant colleagues will find it easy to use. It will help you to achieve ultra-secure records to evidence first aid treatment and care given, allowing schools and nurseries to keep parents and carers informed about accidents and illnesses in real time, or at the end of the school day.

First Aid Forms app
Secure, seamless connectivity with your MIS

We’re working with Wonde to ensure our app displays your most current pupil data. Compatible with eighteen systems – check we can integrate with your MIS

Rich aggregated data

We’ll work with you to ensure your school estate is accurately reflected in the app, so you get meaningful data about where incidents are occurring to assist with the management of H&S risks 

First Aid Forms app
First Aid Forms app
Easy to use

Our app contains a comprehensive list of common injuries and illnesses, along with sections for free text for first aiders to record treatment given

Dedicated section for head injuries

First aiders are prompted to indicate if there are any injuries to the head – they can then record the simplest of bumps to the more serious signs of concussion.

First Aid Forms app
Admin of Medication 

Report the medicine given, dose, time and any supporting info for parents/carers and school records. 

Real time reporting option

We’ll report to parents/carers and a nominated person on your team in real time, or at a specific time chosen by you.

First Aid Forms app
First Aid Forms app

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